May 19, 2016

Change your Direct Marketing

Time to change your direct marketing approach?

Time is so precious and there never seems to be enough of it. From the moment my alarm goes off in the morning, I feel I am on the go every minute until I eventually collapse with a glass of wine on the sofa struggling to keep my eyes open.

Because of this, it is so very easy of getting stuck into a routine and not except or embrace change. Statements such as “I just don’t have the time” just don’t stack up any more. If you don’t address the need to review your marketing, then your business will suffer.

There is no crystal ball to give you the hidden answers on how to create the perfect marketing campaign and changes will not always guarantee better results but without trying. How can you possibly know that what you are currently doing is for the best?

Fools Rush In….

Testing should be paramount to any marketing but completely pointless if you are not able to monitor your response rates, a simple unique code added to the marketing collateral will enable you to check on how successful different campaigns are.

Be as adventurous as you like, consumers will react differently to alternative means of advertising – we are all individuals with our own opinions. Sometimes ‘simple’ will work absolutely fine, whereas other times a complicated and detailed communication with multiple messages and text containing lots of information works better.

Spectacular finishing such as foiling, die-cutting and embossing may be the edge that’s needed? Why not utilise cross media and send out a follow up e-shot or SMS, fully personalised to the individual? The options are endless; so why settle for just one creative?

Test, test and you guessed it – keep testing your direct marketing.

Innovative ideas and creative should be something that we help develop and support. So many of us can have a tendency to simply ‘follow suit’ and use the excuse ‘it’s how it has always been done in the past’ but isn’t it time to start thinking outside the box?

Some people will have the approach that ‘if it isn’t broken why fix it’ but with this frame of mind it could hold you back whilst others who do embrace change may storm forward seeing great results.


Direct Marketing Measurement and Key Performance Indicators

If you set a target, measure against that target, then you can moderate and amend your message, price point and audience parameters to constantly improve your return on investment. Split cell tests, for message and cost, test geographical marketing approaches. Data is the starting point not the design – remember that.

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