Hybrid Working – Hybrid Mailing

Hybrid working patterns and hybrid work locations are no doubt the future. We know that permanent office-based location working will transform to a more fluid and flexible arrangement following the lessons learnt during the covid 19 pandemic. There is still a clear need for centralised meeting spaces where brainstorming will create motivation, growth and team […]

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Direct Mail The Channel for Today

Direct Mail has come to the fore as a key part of the marketing mix during the Covid pandemic and its importance is set to grow. As we continue to spend more time at home, its ability to reach and engage audiences, offers huge potential for marketers. This is not just because mail provides tangibility […]

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Back Office Outsourcing will organisations need post and print rooms on site in the future?

Back Office Outsourcing

Why is back office outsourcing being revisited by organisations? There is no doubt that even after there is a cure for Covid 19 that the shift away the dependence of the central office for many organisations and the inevitable redundancy of the back office that supports the front office will need revisiting. The reduction in […]

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Leveraging Customer Data for a Better Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

marketing strategy

There is a misconception that direct mail marketing is no longer needed in the digital-first environment. Many businesses have halted this strategy in favour of email marketing and other digital strategies. But traditional mail is still highly effective in increasing acquisitions. Research has found that the response rate for direct mail is often better than […]

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Accurate, targeted membership engagement retains loyalty.

Membership Engagement

If you’re responsible for an organisation that has members there are two ways to give them an experience that will keep them loyal whilst enthusiastically recommending you to others whilst retaining their loyalty. The first is to make them feel special. Members like to feel they matter (as, of course, they do). They want to […]

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