April 27, 2015

On Demand Print Services

What are the benefits of on-demand print services?

If you’ve not heard of it before, on demand printing means only producing copies of a piece of literature, whether that’s flyers, posters, brochures or member communication, in small quantities as and when you need them.  You simply print what you need, when you need it.  It’s something that developed after the advent of digital printing, since previously printing single copies with traditional technology wasn’t economical.  It’s no wonder then that many smaller presses have replaced their traditional printing equipment with Printing on Demand equivalents.

Larger publishers may also use this method in certain circumstances, and so do a number of academic and university publishers.  The business benefits Printing on demand means completing communications “to order” – this boosts cash flow and reduces costs, not least because you don’t have the upfront expense of plate creation.


Delivery also has a quicker turnaround, especially given the shorter set-up times, and there is no need for upfront capital investment.  It also means you are more able to focus on the bigger, more regular communication campaigns. With this type of digital printing, you can produce weekly, monthly or even daily communications to those who belong to your organisation.  After all, your members are your organisation’s life-blood. Regular, engaging and accurate communication shows you are committed to your memberships all the time, not just when renewals are coming up. The right communications at the right time boost and help retain those who matter to your organisation most.

The other great thing about on demand printing is that it takes the guesswork out of predicting how many copies of a document your business needs. Inaccurate forecasting can be expensive in the extreme, but this way you only pay for what you order. Another way risk is reduced is because you can make frequent changes to your document or book’s design or content. This even allows for test marketing and relatively swift changes – not something offered by traditional printing methods.

What’s more, printed matter can take up quite a lot of room, but printing on demand removes that headache. You won’t need room to store unwanted materials. This also reduces handling and storage costs.

Use Romax for made to measure communications  With a range of blue-chip clients, membership organisations and NHS Trusts, at Romax we have the infrastructure, quality control processes and staff to deliver your on demand printing services accurately and on time.  We’ll create the solution for you that makes your members feel valued.



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