January 14, 2016

Are You Postage Discount Fit?

Are you gaining the correct postage discount for your bulk mailings? Are you Postage Fit?

Romax are pleased to announce Royal Mail’s forthcoming trial of ‘Advertising Mail Catalogue’, a new service option geared to customers who sell their products and services from a catalogue or a brochure and wish to ‘send more for less’.

The trial will take place from January 2016 to March 2017.

Postal Savings

The new pricing structure will be in five 10g increments between 100g – 150g for both letters and large letters. During the trial Royal Mail will assess whether this works for customers and encourages their commitment to larger printed catalogues.

If the trial is successful Royal Mail, will continue to offer the option after March 2017.

Content Criteria
To qualify for the catalogue option, your brochure must meet the following criteria:
  •  The mailing primarily comprises a list of goods and/or services, together with a description, image and price.
  •  The goods and/or services are sold directly from the page at the prices listed; and
  •  The editorial and content of the mailing is minimal.

Postal Savings

Is the annual postage increase
weighing heavy
on your mind?

Every year postal prices in the UK rise. The standard time for this is December and April. Typically, Royal Mail, who manage the wholesale or Down Stream Access (DSA) – ‘Final Mile’ delivery network, increase the cost to direct customers and DSA suppliers (those that access the network ‘down stream).

It is good business practice therefore to complete a regular review of your postal prices. Ideally annually to ensure that your postage discount levels are maximised.

There are numerous distributors that offer many levels of service across format and location.

This is an arduous task and requires a depth of knowledge of marketing, print, postal formats, mail service and distributors. 

 Why not ask Romax to look at
postage savings for you?

Our promise:

“to scour the market and negotiate competitive postage costs
and to offer expert advice.”

Robin Sumner, Managing Director

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