March 27, 2019

6 brave employees help raise over £700

Have you ever slept outside? Do you know what it feels like? Could you give up hot showers, cooked dinners or even a warm bed? Six brave Romax employees do, they helped Porchlight to raise money for homeless people by giving up one or more of their home comforts for a week.

Chenyse Taylor, Nick Kenyon-Muir, Charlene Plows, Carol Critchell, Elisa David and Alina Agarkova all gave something up between 4th February and 29th March. Our team gave up home comforts including: hot dinners, hot drinks, hot showers, warm beds, sweets, chocolates, crisps and fizzy drinks. Elisa took it to the next level and gave up EVERYTHING on the list.

It is hard to appreciate what homeless people go through every single day – this goes some way to help understand and highlight the issue.

Sadly, the number of homeless is increasing. Last year, Porchlight found 834 people sleeping rough… five years ago that figure was just 148. We want to help Porchlight to be there for everyone that needs support.

We managed to raise £350. To support team members, Romax also topped up £10 for each forfeited comfort per participant; that’s 35 so £350 making the total raised so far over £700.

Thank you to all our supporters and generous donors. We are glad that we can help Porchlight with their work helping the most vulnerable people in our community. The campaign “One Week Without” may be over, but our fundraising is not. We “dream big” and over the year are aiming to raise £5000 for Porchlight.

If you would like to help please visit:

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