October 25, 2016

Christmas 1970s Memories Baubles, Slade and Colourful Cards

It’s Christmas – well almost…

By Charlene Plows, Head of Client Services

From a very young age, I have the most wonderful memories of Christmas.

Christmas trees with glittering baubles, Dad dressing up as Santa Claus in his cherry red suit; Mum trying to hide the Quality Street chocolates until the Christmas holiday officially begins, presents wrapped in shiny wrapping paper and not forgetting the ill-fitting knitted jumpers, provided by Nan!

I think back to the cheesy, foiled decorations hanging from the living room ceiling, all the multi-coloured paper chains, the frosted fake snow on the windows, party poppers, multi coloured balloons, streamers and the crisp white iced Christmas cake –  wow, what excitement this bought.

70s Christmas 2

Colours and smells can bring create a whole mixture of emotions. Even now as an adult, I do love to walk around the West End of London looking at all vibrant, beautifully coloured shop displays – it makes me feel warm, happy and excited, thinking about my loved ones and the perfect present for them. The smell of roasted chestnuts or caramelised peanuts.

First impressions can be underestimated. If a shop window alone can set off a bunch of emotions which tempt me in to just take a look, why not take your shop front to the customer’s doorstep? Can you imagine what a beautifully created piece of marketing direct mail can do to evoke memories and prompt enquiries?

Splash Out at Christmas

Why not use Christmas as a perfect opportunity to add a splash of colour to your marketing packs and promote your brand?

Personally, when I receive my post at home, I flick through knowing exactly what they are, even before even opening them (usually bills!) BUT when something catches my eye, a vibrant and evocative well thought through a piece of direct mail, then my attention immediately focus on the piece, engaging me.

There are many ways of achieving this and not just by the design and colour. Data is key, send your message to the wrong person and it is not direct mail it is pointless mail. A waste of money and damage to your brand reputation. Get the data, message and design right and you’re on to a winner!

The Icing on the ‘Christmas’ Cake

Christmas Cake

Many forget the importance of the print finishing to add impact and wow factor to a piece of direct mail. There are many techniques which will give a positive impact and help a customer to recognise your brand.

Creative design for a one-piece mailer using die cutting to trim out unique shapes and innovative designs that can be further enhanced using matt lamination, gloss lamination, UV varnish, embossing & foiling

When putting together your initial concept, a mixture of colour and finishing techniques will help your company stand out from the crowd.

Christmas is a time to create joy and provide your customers with the opportunity to experience the products and experiences that your business offers, so now’s the time to get your thinking ‘party’ hats on for fresh way to ‘present’ your business.

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