Free Marketing Training Day

A Practical and Informative Introduction into Data Processing, Print and Personalised Communication

Free Marketing Training Day

A Free Marketing Training Day to learn the fundamentals of successful direct marketing.

As part of our commitment to the direct marketing industry, we offer free marketing training sessions for our current or potential clients. Spend the day with us and learn the fundamentals of successful direct marketing.

You will gain insights on how your direct mail campaigns are designed, produced and delivered from data mining and processing, design concepts and layouts and an overview of data driven electronic and print based direct marketing.

Mail and Email

Segmented Oranges

Data Segmentation

Data insight  that leads to a better understanding of your market  is critical. Learn how to segment your data, review its socio-demographic breakdown and analyse the spend patterns to better understand your audience and improve the propensity to purchase through appropriately targeted messages and offers.


Data cleansing

Data Management

Data is the crucial element of any direct marketing campaign, and should always be the starting point. Romax will show you how we manage data, clean and where necessary suppress data that is outdated or of poor quality. Our industry leading data management software through our experienced data team will detail demonstrate the lengths we go to ensure accurate data.

Are you postage fit

Postal Pricing and Format

Romax will always advise you on the very best postal options for your mailing to get maximum savings. To help you gain a good understanding of the intricacies of the postal market, we will take you through, weights formats, delivery services and criteria to guide future marketing decisions.



Marketing TrainingHigh Speed Envelope Inserting

An efficient and clean working environment, run by a team of highly motivated and experienced employees is critical to provide a professional and safe service. Experience our operation in its full working glory. Printers producing live variable data runs in real time. Large format guillotines slicing through stacks of paper. High speed folding machines, creasing and perforating paper in line. Envelope inserting machines matching multiple sheets and selecting variable inserts from data driven barcodes. Polywrapping lines enclosing brochures and magazines for next day delivery. This is often seen as the highlight of the day as you experience the final product being packed prior to presentation to the postal supplier.


Discounted Advertising Mail

Mailing Packs

It is our policy (subject to security and adherence to our ISO27001 accreditation) to allow clients access to our facility to experience the processing of their jobs. We actively promote site visits.

Check and approve your print, and mailing fulfilment process with a live sign off as part of the day’s training, and see the fruits of your labour being produced and despatched.


Multi Channel Marketing

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing by our definition, is the data driven promotion to named individuals whose data profiles and socio-demographics present a propensity to engage and indulge in your brand and offer.

This personalised communication is suited to both membership and marketing disciplines, both of which Romax are industry leaders in.


If you would like more information on our marketing training sessions please get in touch.


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