February 25, 2020

Saving costs while increasing engagement | SHEIN Case Study

Case study

SHEIN is an international B2C fashion e-commerce company, selling women’s wear, plus some men’s apparel, children’s clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and other fashion items.

They have a predominantly young, female audience and use a combination of online marketing and direct mail. Compliance requires that, before any data is used, a detailed cleansing process takes place.

With a large customer base of students and transient workers who move home more frequently, their data needs constant monitoring and updating to be relevant and accurate.

With tens of thousands of catalogues being printed and posted, the accuracy of data means fewer incorrect deliveries and fewer need to be printed.


On average approximately 6%-10% of the data requires updating – this is in line with the UK market – particularly for the more transient younger market that SHEIN attracts.

Each mailing cleansed removes 6000-8000 records per 100,000 mailed, saving paper as well as costs.

On average the cost-saving is approximately 32p per cleansed record.

What SHEIN told us:

Since we used Data Audit, we have been able to detect the customer’s correct address, reducing the number of incorrect deliveries and shortening the time for express delivery. This helps our customers enjoy better service. 

There was a customer who entered the zip code incorrectly. After the Data Audit, we corrected the customer’s recipient address so that she received the package smoothly.

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February 18, 2020

Data Cleansing: Ensuring Accurate Data for Business Growth

Organisations around the world depend on accurate data to fuel their marketing campaigns. Whether it’s the customer’s contact information or buying history, these allow companies to create targeted campaigns to boost the return of their marketing budget.

A study by the Harvard Business Review in 2017 showed that most companies don’t know how to make the most of their data. Organisations actively use less than half of their structured data, and analysts spend most of their time finding and arranging data.

This is where data management services like Romax come in. Through effective data management, you can make sure that the data you’ve collected provides significant value to your business—more specifically, to your marketing initiatives.

Data Cleansing and Its Importance

Data cleansing is one of the methods used by data management services to make sure that data is accurate and valuable. It is the process of detecting, correcting and removing corrupt or incorrect records from a database.

Your business can achieve several benefits by cleansing data, some of which are:

  • Better Decision Making

Accurate information is important in decision-making processes. Data cleansing helps provide information that supports better business analytics. This helps you make better decisions that will add to the success of your organisation.

  • Enhanced Efficiency

Clean data ensures that you can improve how you attract customers. By having a list of accurate data, you can get higher returns on your direct marketing efforts because you won’t encounter email bounces or returned mail.

  • Improved Productivity

Having a clean database lets your employees make the best use of their work hours. Your staff won’t have to contact customers with outdated information. Data cleansing also reduces the risk of fraud from employees who have access to customer and merchant information.

  • Increased Results and Revenue

Clean data leads to a greater return on investment on marketing and communication campaigns. It helps you deliver a targeted and consistent message to the right audiences, which leads to a higher response rate. Increased responses and engagements help drive revenue and meet business goals.

How Data Cleansing Works

An effective data cleansing process is the key to gaining the benefits of clean and accurate data. Although the method depends on the organisation and on the data management service, data cleansing can be done through these four simple steps:

  1. Data Audit. Examine all databases to identify irregularities and inaccuracies. Look for the root cause of the problem to avoid future inaccuracies.
  2. Use of Multiple Data Cleansing Methods. This involves the removal of typographical errors, the validation and correction of errors and making data more cohesive (such as the change of “street” to “st”).
  3. Data Consolidation. Customer information such as addresses, phone numbers and additional contacts are combined.
  4. Data Deletion. Inaccurate information is deleted from the database.

Information like addresses, phone numbers and companies change frequently, so data cleansing is not a one-time process. By regularly updating your database, you can ensure that the data your organisation is using is consistently accurate.

Data Cleansing Services by Romax

As one of the leading data management specialists in the UK, Romax has earned the trust of many organisations in the country, including Emma Bridgewater, the National Theatre and ZSL Membership. Through our data cleansing services, we help you prevent customer loss and improve target across your campaigns.

Our data cleansing services include: deduplication, mortality register, movers and gone aways, postcode and address format accuracy and salutation creation. Our team conducts a full audit of your database and customises our solutions for the best outcome.

Talk to us and see how we can work together. Fill out our contact form or call +44 (0) 20 8293 8550.

February 11, 2020

5 ways to give your direct marketing a boost

The pendulum has swung back to make direct marketing very effective. For a long time email has muscled in on the act and, as it’s free and instant, it’s been a very popular marketing tool. It still is, but direct marketing also works very well.

Give your direct marketing a makeover and get a much higher success rate.  Here are our top 5 tips:

1:  Start with a clear focus

What is the purpose of the campaign? In other words, what do you want people to think, feel and do as a result of receiving your direct mail? 

This may seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many pieces of direct mail go straight into the recycling bin, simply because the recipient can’t see the point of them.

2:  Less is more

OK, this is a cliché, but it’s true. Don’t clutter your direct mail material with lots of information all jammed together. 

You need an attention-grabbing headline and the essential information to persuade people to take action. When you’ve done your first draft, revisit it and see what can be deleted without diminishing your message. Your designer will find it much easier to create a compelling visual if your message is clear and not cluttered.

3:  Make your call to action stand out

If you want people to take action when they’ve read your direct mail, make it clear what that is. Do you want them to phone, email, visit a website, visit a store?

Pick ONE call to action, make it clear and make it easy for people to do. If you want people to phone, tell them to do that, e.g. Phone us now on 01234 678910. Or if you want to add your website, make sure it’s in a much smaller font and not muddying the water.

If you do want people to visit your website consider how easy it is to type your web address into the browser. If your web address is long or one that has confusing spellings, it might be worthwhile investing in a domain name that is much shorter and easy to type and pointing this at your main website or the page where your offer is.

4:  Improve your mailing list

The cleaner your list the better and the more you know about the people in your list, the more targeted your mail campaigns will be.

This can be a time-consuming job, but worthwhile. It can actually save you money on sending duplicate mailings to the same address or sending mail to people who are now deceased.    

Fortunately, there are automated systems that can help with both cleaning and enhancing your list, which will save even more of your time, making your marketing more cost-effective. (We do this for many of our clients; get in touch if you’d like to know more about this service).

5: Personalise your direct mail items

If you send a personalised piece of direct marketing, the response will be much better.

This can be as simple as including a ‘hand-written’ envelope, including the recipient’s name or, if you have information on their buying patterns, it can be completely personalised to feature their favourite purchases.

This is a specialist process that requires complex software that links the data with the printing process – but it’s definitely possible – and it’s one of the services we offer.

Find out more about how your direct mail campaigns can give a boost. Call us on 020 8293 8550.

February 5, 2020

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February 4, 2020

Can we help save you time and money?

Every activity in your company uses either physical resources, human intervention and, of course, time. However, there are many things that are time-consuming (and often not very exciting for your staff to do). These cost money and often use resources unnecessarily.

Data cleaning

For instance, when you have one or more lists of contacts that you send information to, we can:

  • Remove duplicate contacts so people don’t get two copies of direct mail campaigns
  • Get deceased data removed so relatives won’t receive mail for someone who has passed away
  • Update customer contact information – so addresses are checked to ensure that mail goes to the latest address, not into the recycling at an old address.

This saves paper, saves postage and saves your company money.

Reduce your postage costs

The cost of a stamp adds to the cost of every piece of direct mail.  With Romax as your partner, we can help to bring that cost down.  If your mail isn’t urgent we can resource economy mailing services or apply for Royal Mail incentives for bulk mailings to reduce your postage by as much as 50%. 

We can also reduce your costs by sorting mail in-house so the chosen mailing service has less work to do – and you benefit from lower rates.

Save your time

When direct mail items are returned – perhaps because the addressee has moved – it takes time to sort these out and amend your records. Romax can do all that for you collating the information and providing a list of amendments for your data input team.

You can also ask us about stock management to get better prices for bulk buying and saving on expensive last-minute impulse buys.

To further reduce both your time investment and overall costs you might consider an end-to-end service so everything is under one umbrella.  It saves time, saves money and you’ll benefit from our expert advice and experience when we can see the big picture and make suggestions to improve your campaigns.

If we can’t do it, we know someone who can – and we know who will deliver top quality results.