July 30, 2019

Romax employee Nick Kenyon-Muir became The Ironman!

On Saturday 25th May 2019 one of our colleagues Nick Kenyon-Muir, who is Business Development Manager at Romax, participated in the Ironman Lanzarote, Spain. The Ironman Lanzarote is one of the toughest Ironman events in the World and is one of the longest-standing races in Europe. John Collins, a Naval officer stationed in Hawaii invented The Ironman. On February 18th, 1978, fifteen competitors including Collins came together to take on the first-ever “Hawaiian Iron Man Triathlon”. From then on it went global.

The Ironman Lanzarote consists of a 2.4mile swim at Playa Grande, Puerto del Carmen which is the main tourist resort. It is followed by a 112mile bike course with over 2551m of climbing, along with very strong winds. The final part is a 26.2mile run along the seafront of Puerto des Carmen. An enormous amount of preparation went into this race. It takes months to train for and is by no means considered easy.

Nick finished the race with an astonishing time of 13:12:51 and placed 659th as an overall rank out of thousands.

“I’d say one of the hardest things about training for the ironman was having to get up first thing in the morning and get on my bike in the cold, wind and rain when it’s the last thing you want to be doing.”- Nick Kenyon-Muir

To sum up, we would just like to say a huge congratulations to Nick! It is also an incredible thing to accomplish and we are very proud of you achieving it. Well done Nick!

July 24, 2019

Direct Mail Marketing: Communicate to Your Audience Directly

A survey shows that 76 per cent of small businesses practice online marketing, while only 14 per cent are still using offline methods, like direct mail. They spend up to £5000 a year on marketing, but the majority of the cost goes to online methods. But not all businesses find online marketing easy, and some of them struggle to keep up.

Despite the advantages of online marketing, direct mail marketing can still help grow your business. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), direct mail achieves 4.4 per cent response rate while email gets 0.12 per cent. 

At Romax, we can help you communicate with your audience directly with our comprehensive direct mail marketing services. This type of marketing stays relevant because it contributes to higher brand recall.

A Highly Targeted Marketing Strategy

Identifying your target market is crucial to growing a business. Knowing who your market allows you to understand their needs and how you can provide a solution to those needs. 

Direct mail marketing is a highly targeted approach to marketing. Through this method, you can deliver your message directly to your audience, which helps build a personal connection. You can purchase a mailing list of your potential customers from distributors like DMA.

Additionally, Royal Mail’s Partially Addressed Mail is one initiative that helps businesses reach target customers and boost acquisition strategies. This initiative is also General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant because you’re not using personal data. Instead of the recipient’s name, you should refer to them as a ‘Valued Customer’. You can reach up to 30 per cent more households compared to a personalised cold mailing list. 

Capturing Your Audience’s Interest

Your direct mail marketing can generate more responses if your materials grab your audience’s attention within eight seconds. That’s how long you have to attract them, which means using eye-catching images to convey your message.

Using larger mailers, unique images and bright colours can help gain attention because the brain processes images faster than text. Make sure that your headline is in a large, easy-to-read font that drives curiosity. 

By all means, you can be creative with your mail marketing materials, but it may unwise to overdo it. Your goal is still to inform your readers about your products or services, so keep your copy simple and clear. 

Produce Quality Direct Mail Campaigns

The DMA survey explains advances in printing quality and creative use of envelopes contribute to the popularity of direct mail marketing. You should invest in quality materials to enhance the experience of your target customers. Mail marketing requires more interactions compared to opening an email, so you have to make it worthwhile for the consumers. 

Our team can assist you in creating direct mail campaigns that generate responses. Our services focus on customer acquisition, retention and other opportunities. We dedicate time to understand your goals and provide suggestions to improve your design, print and production elements to maximise your ROI.

Contact us today, and let us tailor a cost-effective mail marketing solution for your business.

July 16, 2019

The Snowdonia Challenge – Raising money for Porchlight

Romax employee Malcolm who participated in the Snowdonia Challenge shared with us what it was like. 

“Walking 100kms – over 3 days – it can’t be that difficult, it’s just walking after all?”

This was the response talking to some of my friends before, and after completing the 100kms in 3days Snowdonia Challenge.

They couldn’t be any further from the truth, I ran the London Marathon two years ago, and The Snowdonia Challenge easily left my body more destroyed than the marathon.

All smiles before the enormity of the challenge set in!

First day – 38 km

The first day was a 38 km walk taking Team Romax from Betws-y-Coed through the Gwydyr Forest to Llyn Elsi, Dolwyddelan and Capel Curig, with a total ascent of 1549 metres. Hands-down, hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy life – it’s awesome exercise, allows you to unplug, the scenery is unbeatable and, most of all, it gets you outside. Nothing beats a dirt-trodden trail surrounded by trees, mountains, wildflowers, rocks and all the stunning views your senses can handle.

Romax’s Hiep is wondering what he has let himself in for!

The first 2kms was a very rude awakening up steep forest hillside and continuing to rise and fall throughout the day. When you start on the first day, you think to yourself “ah well, at least after the steep hill there will be the walk down afterwards”. But by the second day, I can honestly say walking downhill was far more painful than walking uphill! It might seem like I’m not making sense, but the primary reason your knees hurt when hiking downhill is that they’re under significantly more stress than when heading uphill or on flat ground. As you descend one leg at a time, the leading knee is obliged to absorb the impact of not only your body weight but also the added forces of going downhill and the weight of whatever you’re packing!

Second day – 33 km

Our second day was a 33 km walk through the Ogwen Valley, enjoying some of the best Mountain Views in Snowdonia. Whilst this was probably the ‘easiest’ day out of the 3, with a lot fewer ascents and descents than Days 1 and 3, there were a lot of people walking around like characters from The Walking Dead that evening, all eagerly looking forward to day 3…!!!

Stunning views along the way.

Third day – 29 km

Our third and final day was a 29km walk through Gwydyr Forest and around 3 of Snowdonia’s beautiful hidden lakes. Geirionydd, Crafnant &Llyn y Parc. By now some of Team Romax were really suffering, as mentioned before, with walking downhill! It got so bad that different far fetched measures were used to make our descents – methods included: Jogging, walking backwards, skipping and even jogging left to right across the path! All aimed at taking the pressure off our completely shattered legs!!! And me, personally, chose to make things a little more difficult by getting lost just 5kms from home! I had missed an arrow and after a while came face to face with a sheer drop cliff… at this point I realised I was lost and had to backtrack, very carefully, to find the arrow I had missed!

But then eventually the finish line was in sight, we had done it, and the feeling of achievement was immense, with a medal and well-earned massage waiting for Team Romax as we crossed the line!

Robin and Margaret proudly show off their medals!

I personally would recommend this challenge to anyone who wants to know what it’s like to truly push yourself,

to find out how to push through pain barriers, to combat fatigue and feel massively rewarded afterwards.

Romax raised over £3500!

This challenge was also extra rewarding for us at Romax because we managed to raise over £3500 for Porchlight, a Homelessness charity working in Kent and the south-east. Fortunately, most of us will never know how it feels to be homeless, to have to sleep rough, to never know where your next meal is going to come from, to wear the same clothes you have worn for who knows how long. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Rough sleeping takes away hope and destroys lives. No-one should have to experience it yet, shockingly, rough sleeping in England has risen by 169% in the last seven years.

So no matter how difficult the staff at Romax found this challenge, it pales into insignificance compared to being homeless.

We would like to give a massive thanks to the generosity of those who sponsored us at Romax.

July 10, 2019

Successful Take-off: Elements of a Memorable Product Launch

After months – or even years – of conceptualising, experimenting, and prototyping, you’ve finally landed on a product that’s ready to be launched. It’s overwhelming as it is exciting. What if no one finds it interesting? What if no one comes to the launch?

These feelings are all valid. You don’t want to waste all the time, effort, and money you spent on development, after all. As such, it’s only natural to go out of your way to create a product launch that people will remember for a while. Here are a few recommendations on how you can make your product launch as striking as your product.

Make Sure Your Product Is Ready

One of the recent (potential) product launch fails was Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. As its name suggests, it’s a 4.6-inch phone that unfolds into a whopping 7.3-inch tablet. While Samsung claims the product was tested to fold 200,000 times without any problems, user reviews painted a different picture.

Tech publications like The Verge reported that their review units’ screens broke after only days of use. People soon found out that the space between the hinge and the display itself can form a hole, where dust and other particles can get in and damage the internal parts of the screen after repeated use. As such, the tech giant owned up to its mistakes and pushed the release date to an indefinite time.

Testing products with a machine can help you gauge the durability and functionality of your product, but nothing matches real-life testing by users. Once you have a prototype, have a few people use it regularly. If it’s industry-specific, tap a few of your partners to test the product out. This way, you get to find vulnerabilities in everyday applications, which is something you really can’t achieve with a robot arm.

Have an Intimate or Exclusive Launch

You don’t want your product to launch at the same time as your competitor’s. The risk of getting overshadowed or compared is just too much. There’s a reason why big companies such as Apple have opted out of releasing their products in huge functions like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in favour of their own event.

If you’re a start-up, launching in conventions like the CES may get you the chance to net customers and investors. However, your own event, no matter how big or small the venue is, lets your audience focus on your product and company alone.

Establish Meaningful Engagements

You probably have a profile or at least an idea of who will use your product regularly. As such, you should create a buzz through the channels they use to communicate. Here at Romax, we recommend using email marketing to reach businesses. As for customers, you may want to utilise a combination of social media and direct mail marketing. This way, you can directly engage your target market and get them excited.

Product launches can be pretty scary, especially if you’re only starting your business. Ensure that you have an honest product and you’re creating a buzz among your audience through targeted messages. All of the time and effort you invest will pay off when you see the orders coming in.

Get a Reliable Customer Communication Partner

If you want to have a successful product launch, you need to partner with a reliable Customer Communication firm to make sure your messages find the right people at the right time. Romax offers data-driven business-to-business and business-to-customer Customer Communication Management. We achieve results through offline methods like direct mail and online channels like email. We use only the latest equipment and techniques to make sure we meet your marketing needs.

Contact us today to get your message out there.