May 28, 2019

Chenyse from Romax will conquer Snowdonia

This summer Romax employees will be participating in Snowdonia challenge. This involves walking 100 km in 3 days.  Each of our employees shared how they are preparing for the challenge and what do they find the most difficult. Here is Chenyse sharing her thoughts about the Snowdonia challenge. 

Who are you, how long have you worked for Romax, and what does your job entail?

My name is Chenyse. I have been working for Romax for 2 years and 9 months. I started off as an Administrative Sales Assistant, then worked my way up to Client Services Co-ordinator and I am now Client Account Manager.

What made you volunteer for the Snowdonia Challenge 2019?

I saw the Snowdonia Challenge as a personal challenge where I could push myself to do something that I have never done before. Whilst taking part in raising money for a great cause. I have known friends and have heard stories of people who have been put in difficult situations due to no fault of their own. And I am aware of how difficult it can be. Especially for those who do not have the resources, support, advice and care to be able to know what to do and where to go if ever put in a situation where they are made homeless. I believe that I am in a position to be able to help. Also, feeling proud and determined to provide support. And do what I can to help contribute to the well being of others no matter how small. And I saw this challenge as the perfect way to make my mark and to do something good and spread the love.

How would you describe your current fitness levels?

I am an active person and have been more so over the past 3 years through attending boot camp, changing my diet and attending gym between 3 and 5 times a week. I enjoy taking part in fitness and feel that it helps aid in my sleeping pattern as well as my mental and emotional state. Fitness is now a part of my life and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

How are you preparing for the challenge?

So far, I have done 2 walks. One was for 3 and a half hours from North Greenwich to Croydon which was approximately 11 miles and the second was for 3 and a half hours from Croydon to Richmond was 12miles. On both occasions, I completed the walk 30minutes quicker than estimated which I felt proud of. My aim is to complete a walk each week and to increase the distance, so the walk is at least an hour longer than the previous walk.

Have you ever taken part in any physical challenges before?

I have never taken part in any sort of event like this before. This will be my very first physical challenge.

Do you have any concerns/fears facing the 100kms in 3 days challenge?

I don’t have any fears (as of yet). I am very excited and feel that this will impact my life in a positive way by showing what I can do when I push myself. And I am really passionate about helping impact peoples lives in a positive way. I’m feeling this challenge will help me to do this which is motivating me. And help push me forward and will keep me moving when it comes down to the challenge. I know my limits and I know what I am capable of when I set my mind to something and I welcome the challenge.

Do you have any plans to help you get through the challenge?

I haven’t really thought about that. I will most likely be bringing my headphones possibly for when I would like to zone out and listen to some ocean waves. My focus will be to embrace nature and to take in my surroundings. I would like to capture nature in all its beauty so I will definitely be taking a lot of pictures of the scenery as I am sure this will be amazing.

Is there going to be a luxury/personal item you will be taking with you?

I will be wearing my chakra beads and other spiritual beads as well as my Buddha necklace as these will help me to stay grounded. And I will be able to draw strength from these items in times of need.

What do you think will help the most you to complete this challenge?

I think a bit of everything. Support from family and friends will help me emotionally and mentally prepare for this. The right clothing and accessories will ensure that I am comfortable and have the necessities to get through the challenge. The training will help me to physically and mentally prepare for the challenge so that my body will be able to cope with the requirements of the walk and will help me to avoid substantial injuries.

What is your favourite sports activity?

I do love a good game of badminton (I must admit). I find it invigorating and exciting. It’s a great full body work out as well as refreshing for the brain and helps aid hand-eye coordination.

If you wish to support Chenyse walking challenge and help Porchlight to continue their fantastic work, please visit her fundraising page to donate:

May 27, 2019

Romax will conquer Snowdonia

A team of 9 Romax employees will be pushing it to the limits this summer by participating in the Snowdonia Challenge. This involves walking 100 km in 3 days. We will start the challenge on 28 June walking through the Snowdonian mountains and forests. AND because it’s there, we are going to climb Snowdon on the fourth day too! All with the aim of raising money for our charity – Porchlight.

Snowdonia Challenge will be a test of physical and mental strength and team working that will take us on a journey of self-discovery.

The journey

On 28 June, in the first day of the challenge, we will walk 36 km through the forest tracks up to Llan Elsi and towards the foot of the Moelwyns and Capel Curig. On the second day, we will take the course to the Afon Llugwy along the Ogwen Valley with some of the best views Snowdonia has to offer. The planned distance will be 35 km.

And on 30 June, the last day of the challenge we will approach the distance of 29 km and go up as high as 2000m. The track will head off to the north of the village and into the Gwydyr Forest to enjoy the stunning views around Llyn Gierionydd, Llyn Crafnant and Llyn y Parc.

The team is currently training and walking as much as they can. However, not everything depends on training. Weather conditions can vary, and we may face extremes of weather. Blisters will be a problem no matter what and exhaustion will play a big part. Each team member understands the possibility that we may not all complete the challenge. But we intend it approach it together and support each other on the journey.

Fundraising for Porchlight

At Romax, we believe in supporting our community. And this year we on the way to raising our target of £5000 for Porchlight. The charity helps people in our community by providing homeless people with food and homes and preventing people from becoming homeless.

Just last year Porchlight responded to 16942 calls from people in need! 79% of found people on the streets of Kent were helped to move off the streets. 439 People received support in the housing project, and 95 people have found paid employment. We are proud to support Porchlight’s work, so those in need get the help they deserve.

If you wish to help Porchlight to continue their fantastic work, please visit our fundraising page to donate:

May 24, 2019

Lenticular printing – a new marketing dimension!

Effects range across:

  • 3D depth (without glasses)
  • FLIP – 2 or 3 different images overlaid on each other where slight left to right movement changes the image
  • Animation – Converting frames from a video clip and creating moving print

Lenticular printing is the only specialism in the world that involves printing on to a transparent clear plastic with an array of optical lens ribs across the surface. Then images are printed on the back of the film, and when viewed through the optical lens on the front, they create the moving image.

Working exclusively with this innovative material and our print partner, Romax can now deliver print solutions that enable you to promote your products and services using a more visually impactful and engaging way, that standard flat 2D printing just cannot.

Furthermore, complex software and pre-press digital artwork preparation historically made access to this print costly. Our partner, Lentico, has changed this by pioneering an image conversion portal that streamlines the process for a modern market.

Now… the ‘sciency’ bit… for those that like it technical

3D Printing

Three-dimensional vision is achieved by merging the image data from the left and right eyes within the brain. Such a phenomenon is called parallax. It shows the apparent placement of an object relative to its background when viewed from slightly different positions.

Moreover, the web-based conversion process creates a stereoscopic effect by converting standard 2D imagery into a multi-layer 3D file. Then, the software automatically fills in by interpolating the pixels between the layers. When printed on to the reverse side of a lenticular sheet, each lenticule creates a stereo pair, thus allowing the viewer to perceive a 3D depth effect from different angles without the need to wear special glasses.

2D to 3D Conversion – A process whereby multiple layers of different elements are interlaced together to create the illusion of three dimensions. Furthermore, an innovation that Lentico are proud of is the unique lenticular print portal. It has taken four years of R&D to pioneer image conversion technology designed to make lenticular printing more cost-effective for customers who want to use the unique effects that lenticular offers in their printed promotional materials.

Flip Printing

A lenticular effect that in its simplest form contains two images and shows them one at a time to the viewer as his/her viewing angle to the lens sheets changes. The software automatically interlaces 50% of each image behind a lenticle. And with a slight movement of the head to the left, one full image comes into view and then to the right. Then, the second image comes into view.

However, the creative potential of this product is enormous, offering you the opportunity to use extreme contrasts of the image to project your promotional message visually.

Examples such as: classic/modern; young/old; plain/colourful; past/future are just a few ways to use the power of FLIP printing.

We can combine lenticular print with personalised communication so your data can drive the message behind the image!

Moreover, if you are interested in lenticular printing, please contact us to discuss it further or 020 8293 8550.

May 20, 2019

Reverse Publishing – The Hottest Trend in Hollywood

With Netflix joining the long list of digital brands using print, the phenomenon of ‘reverse publishing’ is one of the biggest developments in brand content

The latest digital brand turning to print to reach a new audience has been announced as Netflix. With a market value of $21.2bn and a global user base of 150m, the streaming service hasn’t had to do a great deal of marketing – print or digital – instead preferring to plough much of its profits into making its own content. So the launch of its own magazine has come as a bit of a surprise.

“Netflix has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in pursuit of Hollywood awards”

With a working title of Wide, the 100-page publication will include features, interviews and articles about Netflix-produced content, focusing on the people that create it. But rather than targeting its millions of users, the magazine is aimed at the highly competitive Hollywood awards community, promoting its shows and stars in the middle of voting season for the upcoming Emmys.

“Netflix has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in pursuit of Hollywood awards,” writes Lucas Shaw in Bloomberg, “which help burnish the image of the streaming service’s still-young studio in the eyes of consumers and the entertainment industry.”

Influencing the influencers

This new marketing gambit aims to use a print magazine to provide a crucial point of difference when it comes to influencing an extremely hard-to-influence audience. By delivering a traditional magazine to the Hollywood community instead of a digital-only campaign, Netflix are looking to forge a deeper connection, as well as offering a physical object that acts as a permanent reminder of the brand and its programmes.

“In preparation for a groundbreaking year in film and television,” the brand wrote in a promotional message, “Netflix has gathered some of the most talented and sought-after writers and photographers, thinkers and creatives, to make the inaugural issue of Wide, the Netflix print journal.”

A developing trend

The curious phenomenon of digital companies using print to reach a certain audience or add gravitas to a message has been around for a while now. Shame-faced brands will often use the respectability and permanence of newspapers to let the world know they’re sorry for a corporate transgression – see Facebook’s apology for the Cambridge Analytica scandal or KFC apologising for running out of chicken.

Direct mail also holds an appeal for the online giants, particularly when it comes to reaching hard-to-reach contacts, such as company CEOs. Google and LinkedIn have both used well-crafted, creative mailers that have enough creativity to get past the office gatekeepers and land on the desks of company bosses around the globe.

Then there’s Amazon, who released a print catalogue last year to promote their toy range for Christmas, and Apple, who regularly use the world’s top fashion magazines to launch their new phones, linking their product with style, elegance and desirability.

The attention economy

What Apple, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, LinkedIn, Airbnb, and the many other brands that have built their fortunes on the back of digital know, is that print offers an entirely different experience to online. That experience not only gives the reader time and space to enjoy the content, free of distraction and the compulsion to move onto the next story but offers a longer read and a chance to delve deep into a subject to gain a better understanding. Whether that subject is a Hollywood director or a cute B&B just outside Barcelona, a stronger bond is created between magazine and reader, and by extension, the brand.

In a world overloaded with content, many companies are realising that their digital-only marketing strategies need to change if they are going to retain their customers’ attention and loyalty. And right now, the medium that’s getting the attention is print.

Article brought to us by Two Sides.

May 9, 2019

Profit from the power of handwritten notes

Personalised notes penned by robots

Although it might seem antiquated in our digital age, handwritten notes still convey esteem and promise attention in a very powerful way. This is a very important aspect if you want to make your message stand out from the crowd and grab a piece of the very limited and exclusive “attention budget” of your audience.

Handwriting your own notes is always the best option, but not everyone has the time! This is where Romax working as Pensaki’s UK partner becomes your best alternative to self-written messages that stand out amongst all that digital noise.

Handwritten notes create massive impact

Since 2014, Pensaki (Japanese for fountain pen nib), has created thousands of personal notes penned by friendly robots. Sending 500 or 50, 000 authentic looking handwritten postcards effortlessly.

Humans and machines work together in perfect harmony, with a special focus on data quality before creating and sending the handwritten messages. Customers can either select one of the standard handwriting styles or use their own personal handwriting! All messages are written with a fountain pen or ball pen based on your preference. We can extensively personalise all communications with unique messages, not just the salutation.

Meaningful personalisation can be challenging, but in the right hands can be hugely impactful. Understanding how to leverage personalised communication to create marketing pieces that forge memorable and meaningful connections between the brand and the customer is mission critical. The recipient appreciates the creativity and the time invested by the sender. For a message to be perceived as meaningful, it must convey a corresponding quality or value; and what could be possibly more valuable than a personal “handwritten” message?

Experience very high ROI

This thoughtful approach to communication delivers astonishing business results, both in the B2B lead generation or B2C customer retention context. e-Commerce companies, in particular, appreciate the importance of influencing the psychological power of handwritten messages to create an emotional connection with their customers. The business case for handwritten messages is very strong. Sending handwritten thank-you messages can even reduce return rates by 33% or help companies in the context of win-back strategies with companies achieving 9-12% win-backs.

Few areas have experienced changes as rapidly as those driven by digitalisation. A study by Adobe found that marketing has changed more in the past 2 years than in the past 50.

Recently, thought leaders in marketing have come to understand the limitations of digital marketing. They understand that a smart combination of online and offline marketing delivers substantially better business results. They are investing heavily in their omnichannel strategies to create a meaningful customer journey that provides user choice!

In the B2B lead generation context customers using penned communications achieve response rates of 10 to 40 per cent. Recipients recall personal writing months later.

For more information please contact us at or 020 8293 8550.

May 2, 2019

The Power of Touch Marketing and Direct Mail

We all know that skin is the largest organ in the body. Given that skin is largely responsible for touch sensations, it makes you wonder why some marketers underestimate the influence of touch on a buyer’s decision-making process.

Touch can build a connection between the buyer and the seller, between the customer and the product. When a consumer has something to hold, it creates a sense of psychological ownership, driving must-have purchase decisions through an emotional experience.

Creating an Emotional Experience

Research shows that customers can feel a wide range of emotions, both positive and negative, before deciding to buy. Many factors contribute to these emotions, from the atmosphere of the store to the intention behind the purchase.

A marketing strategy that elicits a predominantly positive emotional response from customers is one that engages the sense of touch. When a customer interacts with a promotional item or a product, it affects their mood, behaviour and spending habits.

Paper Ads and Direct Mail

True Impact, a Canadian neuromarketing firm, studied effective touch marketing methods for brand recall. The goal of the study was to compare the effects of direct mail marketing with digital media, such as email and display ads.

The researchers used advanced eye-tracking as well as high-resolution electroencephalogram (EEG) brain wave measurement to test which ads were easily understood, which ones grabbed people’s attention and which ones persuaded customers to buy a product. They also sent out questionnaires to the respondents for a more accurate analysis.

Their conclusion? Direct mail was easier to process psychologically and provided better brand recall than digital media. The former requires 21 per cent less cognitive effort to process than the latter. This is because direct mail, or any physical marketing strategy, requires both visual and tactile sensations to do the work.

Some of the leading examples for efficient physical touchpoints for direct mail marketing include:

  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Printed cards
  • Product samples
  • Branded apparel

Science clearly shows that – despite the rise of the digital age and eCommerce – paper still has a powerful impact on the customer. Print delivers rich, vivid images that trigger tactile stimuli. It also serves as a more professional way of communicating detailed information that may require longer periods of reading.

As a marketer, it is best to take advantage of both physical and digital efforts. This way, you maximise your reach and achieve better results.

Direct Mail Marketing Campaign with Romax

At Romax, we communicate your message to your customers in the most effective way possible. We offer Direct Marketing Services that are designed to boost response rates and speed up your return on investment. Working closely with you we ensure that every aspect of your marketing strategy represents your business and vision.

We deliver your direct mail communications across the UK and overseas. If you need guidance and support, we’ll be glad to help.

Get in touch with us today for tailored and cost-effective services. Call us on +44 (0) 20 8293 8550 or email us at