May 30, 2018

Proud to Support Pride Canterbury

Romax Are Proud to Support Pride Canterbury

Pride Canterbury has become the UK’s largest Pride event outside of London and Romax are really excited about sponsoring the annual event.

Pride Canterbury, is a celebration of identity led by the LGBT+ community, set in the heart of Canterbury.

Let’s hope to see you all there on June 9th!


May 24, 2018

Safeguarding Your Brand Reputation Throughout The Direct Mail Process

Safeguarding Your Brand Reputation Throughout The Direct Mail Process

Written by Robin Sumner, Managing Director Romax Marketing.


At Romax Marketing & Distribution, we work with you to create, print and distribute your Direct Marketing Campaign throughout the UK and overseas. We want to deliver the shortest turnaround whilst ensuring accuracy, quality and security.

How quickly we can process your work depends upon its complexity. We offer a highly flexible schedule and production plan, but to ensure quality and accuracy, due process must take place.

During peak times, turnaround may be longer than usual, being aware of this and approaching Romax early in your planning will allow us to guide you to ensure a timely, successful and cost-efficient campaign.

To help you better understand how the end-to-end Direct Mail process works, we present our simple guide to Direct Mail, divided into six key stages:

  1. The Spec!
  2. The Drop!
  3. The Wait (Complicated Bit!)
  4. The Print and Fill
  5. The Despatch
  6. The Delivery.


  1. The Spec !

To quote the Spice Girls – “So, tell us what you want what you really, really want”

It is quite normal to want to understand the implications and cost options associated with various volumes, job specifications, paper and format types. A great start to this is to discuss the parameters and reasons for your project with our Client Services Team. Once we understand in full what is needed we can make suggestions that will ultimately improve the outcome, adding value to your campaign.

Don’t leave it too late. The mind works in a logical way –  you start working on the first bit ‘first’, leaving the last supplier in the chain to be approached ‘last’. Through experience however, we know that by working back from the desired doorstep day through print and fulfilment processes, will not only provide a schedule, but in most occasions, highlight ways to improve the job and reduce the cost.


  1. The Drop

Once the final ‘Spec’ and schedule is agreed with our Client Services team, You need to make ‘The Drop’. We need your data and artwork and final instructions. How do you get thatinformation to us in a secure and efficient way?

You will receive log-in access to our online Romax Resource Centre, a secure and encrypted Approval Pipeline. Here you upload data and artwork files for us to access and work on. This provides a secure platform for managing the data and print proofing process.


  1. “The Wait” – The Complicated behind the scenes bit

This part of the process is called “The Wait” as there’s a lot going on but as a client, you don’t get to see much activity! During “The Wait” your campaign documents will be reviewed and processed by the Romax Data & Pre-Press Technical Teams.

If technology driven data and software process is your ‘bag’ then this is actually a fascinating and highly exciting part. The creation of workflows and multi-layered data driven processes that will produce highly targeted print and digital communication is your dream ticket!

Our team checks that your data is accurate. A 21 point data check is completed, ensuring postcode and address accuracy, duplicate removal, and questioning data anomalies. We split, mailsort and re-combine data to create the ‘merge’ fields within your final document. Splitting out UK, and Overseas, sorting for postal discounts then formatting the data so that the address and personalised content reflects the campaign message.

If you have variants of your text, such as different images per gender or customer type. This will be scrutinised and implemented at this stage. This process is THE WAIT, is the MOST IMPORTANT stage as data drives everything we do for you and ensures that the right message is received by the right person (In post GDPR terms – The Data Subject!)

The “cleaner” your database, the less time is needed to process the data, however, you can add data management services here, such as profiling your database, to help to target your communication and increase your response rate. We can also offer a free data analysis that checks for deceased, gone-aways and movers.

“The Wait” continued…..Proof Set Up

When the Data and the Artwork are finalised and cross-checked, we create a “Proof Document.” A proof document contains a minimum of 10 randomly selected records from each ‘data cell’. If there are multiple variants on your communication, both on text and images, this will generate multiple proofs per version.

Before we upload Proof Documents, each is checked internally by two Romax employees for formatting and data accuracy. We take this process seriously because you need to send the correct document to the right person and address.

“The Wait” – is over now it’s your turn for – Proof Approval

A pdf proof document of every version is uploaded into our Resource Centre to be verified and approved by you. The Resource Centre will send you a notice email once files are uploaded.

Nobody knows your business like you do. You may have particular preferences for layout or formatting, or you may spot a required amendment. If an amendment is needed, you can reject that proof and leave a comment, we will make the necessary changes, recheck and upload a further proof.

Please take your time with proofing, check the data against the original files, check that the address formatting and artwork across all variants is as you want it. Once you approve the job it will go straight to print.

Should you wish to see a physical print proof or complete Sample Pack, this can be arranged after the pdfs are approved, please allow time in the schedule for this process.


  1. The Print and Fill – Like a High Speed Action Movie!

If you like to experience high speed paper and mail print and enclosing machinery in action then this is where it starts to get really quite exciting!

Our digital print presses, finishing equipment and enclosing lines are best quality. Our teams that operate them are highly motivated and experienced. They want to get your jobs printed and despatched without delay.

Machines only run at a finite speed, so we can only print, cut, fold, match, enclose, seal, sort and process the packs at a maximum volume per hour. To adhere to our ISO 9001 accreditations, we also check every 500 data records for print, finishing and enclosing accuracy and quality.

Our team of technical experts, create millions of items of mail per month and the production department is a buzz of activity, as the daily challenge is on to get the job done!


5. The Despatch

After all the hard work of creating the mail-piece, it is critical that the mail is delivered by the best postal suppliers around whilst ensuring that price is keen.

The postal market for the UK and overseas is ‘complicated’ to say the least. The industry is full of jargon and the ‘products’ or services available to move your mail from mail producer to addressee, are both numerous and ‘content’ related. If you are advertising a product/service or requesting a donation, then your mail will be ‘cheaper’ than a non-marketing communication for example; then there’s formatting; then there’s mailsort…

…Lucky for you then, that we are expert in obtaining the best postal service at the best price for your campaign.

Large volume mailings are not handled the same way as Greetings cards posted at the post office. The postal delivery network is flexible based on forecast volumes, we simply cannot post large scale volume mailings without forecasting it to the distributors. This too is an often unknown element to the despatch process.

  1. The Delivery

Depend on the postage service you choose for your mailing, mail can take around one day for first class, around 2-3 days for second class and approximately 3-4 days for economy. Overseas can take 4-10 days on a priority service subject to final destination.

According to the “Advertising Mail Guide” by DMA, 2017:

  • 94% of First Class mail arrives next working day
  • 92% of Mail through downstream access operators arrives within two working days
  • 99% of Second Class mail arrives within three working days
  • 96% of Economy class arrives within four working days. Find more Facts about Direct Mail here.



We love Direct Mail Marketing, its creation, delivery and success that it creates for our customers. Our aim is to supply a seamless and efficient service and this overview aims to help you, to help us, to help you!

The direct marketing process from planning to delivery, varies depending on a significant number of factors. We have ‘scraped the surface’ of some of these factors, but to achieve the best chance of success in your campaign, we recommend asking your Account Manager for advice and insight – our knowledge we let you have for free!


Romax Marketing & Distribution has more than 20 years of experience managing membership and client printing and communication services for organisations such as Southbank CentreDKMSand PlusNetContact us for a bespoke Membership Marketing Solution:, +44 (0) 20 8293 8550


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May 21, 2018

Webinar: Improve your membership communication management


Improve Your Membership Communication 

Wednesday 30th May 2018 | 1 pm BST

To make your Membership Programme a real success, you need to truly understand and engage your members through conversation on media platforms of their choosing.
Learn what works best to welcome members and ensure that they both benefit from their membership whilst increasingly supporting your organisation.

From the live free webinar Improve Your Membership Communication*, you will:

  • Understand how to interact with members across all media types at the right time to suit them
  • Improve your chances of early and increased renewal
  • Be introduced to techniques aimed at increasing member spend
  • See how to successfully boost your membership
  • Find out examples of Membership Communication Management from Romax clients, such as V&A and DKMS

*Q&A included.

When: Wednesday 30th May 2018
Time: 1 pm BST
Host: Robin Sumner, Managing director Romax Marketing & Distribution.

Romax Marketing & Distribution provides a wide range of services in Membership Communication Services.  We work with membership organisations such as DMKS, Southbank Centre, V&A and PlusNet.

May 14, 2018

7 welcome pack ideas to increase loyalty

Written by Nilda Cerna, Marketing Manager Romax Marketing & Distribution.

To increase the customer loyalty, you must establish a permanent personal relationship with each individual customer. The massive communication isn’t enough, targeting it according to their behaviour and interest, both online and offline, is an opportunity that you can’t miss out.

Content communication is essential, if you know your client, you must to bring them content that exceeds their expectation and keep them interested in your brand. Product features aren’t enough with the rapid advance of the technology, so, you must stand out from the crowd with both content and format.

The benefits of direct mail are multiples to recall your brand and Welcome Packs are one of those printed communications that give relevance to your brand.

A welcome pack can include:

  1. a welcome letter
  2. a membership card if applies
  3. a cardholder, box or special envelope that shows that is a welcome pack
  4. a magazine, seasonal brochure or activity plan
  5. terms and conditions if apply
  6. a manual of use of your product
  7. a referral letter.

At Romax we manage a series of welcomes pack for clients such as DKMS and Southbank Centre, which help them to activate them as a customer, increase their referral programme and renew them after the end period. If you need inspiration for your company, here you have some examples coming from our clients and other sources:


The DKMS welcome pack is composed of a membership card, their cardholder, everything packed in an envelope. They sent it two welcome packs to everyone who registers as a donor on their website.  One is composed of a named membership card which is attached to a cardholder and the donor receive via mail.

DKMS also send to their donors a DNA Swab Pack composed of a pair of a sterile cotton-tipped buccal swab or buccal smear to collect DNA from the cells on the inside of a person’s cheek, which is placed into a box, a welcome letter, a pre-paid envelope, and everything is put it on a labelled envelope.

Read the full DKMS Welcome Pack case study.

2. ZSL  London Zoo

The ZSL London Zoo varies their welcome pack depending on their communication season. They include a welcome letter, a London Zoo map, a seasonal activities catalogue, children activities, animal stickers among other gadgets. They

Marketing for London Zoo

3. SOE, Society of  Operations Engineers

The Society of Operations Engineers sent a series of communications within their membership programme. They send communications to both, payers and no payers members. The welcome pack for paying members contains a welcome letter with a personalised member plastic card glued.  After the 12 years period, they sent also the annual member renewal mailing.

4. SK Telecom

The Korean SK Telecom created the membership card in an omnibus format, making a single large painting of 9 different cards with such themes are hope, imagination, courage, and purity. These words underscore the essence of the “T” brand, with each segment being categorised by age and by call pattern. By doing this they were able to satisfy customers looking their own “look.”

The number of customers who visited their stores to issue new cards increased after advertising this program. Within three months, the issuance of membership cards was up 15.4% compared with the same period last year. The card renewal earned lots of positive response on social media.

Image source: Coloribus.

Image source:

5. Southbank Centre

Southbank Centre welcome pack is composed of a welcome letter, a membership card holder and a plastic membership card. They also sent the annual member renewal communication. As part of their communication strategy, they change the welcome pack artwork, this year they have chosen a very bright yellow colour, which for sure stand out in their member’s inbox.

6. Honda

Honda welcome pack campaign was created behind the idea of “the power of dreams.” They sent a book which becomes the closest explanation of what males Honda the organisation that it is. Customers can read this and begin to believe that the impossible is possible – to believe in the Power of Dreams.

The result: the customer repurchase rates have risen by 3% (an extra £40M revenue) Furthermore, the feedback has been extremely positive including letters written on the blank ideas page of the book.

Image source: Coloribus.

7. MINI – adventures album

Every new MINI owner was mailed a pack including a MINI photo album. “Snapshots” cross-sold after-care services related to MINI Adventures, plus gave owners spaces for their own photos. Humorous “Guide to MINI etiquette” included in the pack.

Images source: Coloribus

At Romax we manage the DKMS, SOE, Southbank Centre, Plus Net, among others clients, their membership card details printing, print welcome and renewal letter, fulfilment and their distribution across the UK and overseas. Contact us for a bespoke Membership Marketing Solution:, +44 (0) 20 8293 8550.

Source:, Entrepreneur.

May 5, 2018

GDPR – Are you ready?

What impact will GDPR have on SME’s

How a membership programme increases loyalty and renewals

Join our GDPR LiveWebinar, 14th March