February 28, 2018

Snow Creates Disruption to Postal Services

We all love a bit of snow! The trees look lovely and the sun is shining even though it was -10 degrees centigrade this morning!

The above is a picture of us getting to work this morning – it was quicker than the train!

Unfortunately the UK infrastructure goes into meltdown which as a nation is embarrassing, but to be fair the fairy tale white-outs of old are simply a rarity as we don’t experience snow that often – particularly in the South.

So although as a business we are operating as normal, there will be both collection and delivery interruptions across the postal network, that are beyond our control.

We are continuing to print and fulfil all items as per schedule, but please acknowledge that mail delivery may be disrupted.

If you would like an update, please contact client services on 020 8293 8550. or hello@romax.co.uk Happy Sledging

Robin Sumner is going to be completing the Ice Man Polar Challenge in April – he should be in his element right now! Spare a thought for those homeless at this time the cold is literally a killer, so sponsor Robin and Romax as we support Porchlight a Charity helping the homeless, in the South East.

February 20, 2018

The value of membership marketing

Membership marketing

Membership marketing is when an organisation starts a membership programme with the aim of generating additional income, generating leads, and/or achieving other organisational goals. In other words, a membership programme is designed to offer clear benefits to the members over a specified time period in exchange for something of value to the business i.e. subscription fees, engagement, sales opportunities, etc.

The membership process generally comprises three basic stages: acquisition of new members,  providing value to the members and renewing their memberships plan. Each stage is usually broken down into sub-stages, and each one of those is aligned to specific types of communication.

Membership marketing impact on businesses

Membership marketing offers businesses some very powerful benefits. One of the biggest is that it helps you secure a regular, predictable income, which is key to creating stability and growth. Another major benefit is that, since people love to be part of something, it earns loyalty; and having a base of loyal members is a great starting point for launching and marketing other profitable goods or services – essentially it gives you a database of warm leads. It can also lead to wider brand exposure since many members will spread the word for you.

How to get it right

Firstly, you need a clear idea of how it fits into your general marketing strategy. What do you want to achieve? More revenue? More engagement? More sales or bookings? Once you know what your objectives are you can then design your membership programme around them.

The next stage is understanding your target audience. Who are they? What makes them tick? What problems do they need to solve? This knowledge is essential for making decisions about what to include in the membership.

Then you need to design the membership communication cycle. At Romax we suggest there are five stages in the cycle:

  1. Welcome pack
  2. Activities
  3. Newsletter, Catalogue or Magazine
  4. Unexpected Content
  5. Renewal letter.

Each stage should have well-crafted communications that help you bond with members, deliver value and encourage continued membership. This can mean a lot of specialist work, which is why many businesses partner with marketing firms like Romax who first help you plan the cycle, and then use their specialist resources to produce high-quality content both in print and digital media.

This type of service also helps you measure results and then use the data to improve the programme.

It’s worth noting that some firms choose to focus on digital communication because it’s cheaper and easier to analyse. However, the online market is heavily saturated and many people are suffering from email fatigue which lessens the impact of digital communications. So, to get ahead, many businesses are opting for traditional print media because its tangibility offers something real, that is, something tactile for the member and that in turn strengthens the brand perception.

Romax Marketing & Distribution has more than 20 years of experience managing membership and client printing and communication services for organisations such as Southbank Centre, DKMS and PlusNetContact us for a bespoke Membership Marketing Solution: hello@romax.co.uk, +44 (0) 20 8293 8550.

February 14, 2018

Webinar | 20th February | 1 pm

February Live Free Webinar

“Boost Your Membership Programme”

To make your Membership Programme a real success, you need to truly understand and engage your members through conversation on media platforms of their choosing.

Learn what works best to welcome members and ensure that they both benefit from their membership whilst increasingly supporting your organisation.

From the live free webinar Boost Your Membership Programme, you will:

  • Understand how to interact with members across all media types at the right time to suit them
  • Improve your chances of early and increased renewal
  • Be introduced to techniques aimed at increasing member spend
  • See how to successfully boost your membership


Webinar: Boost Your Membership Programme
When: Tuesday 20th February 2018
Time: 1 pm GMT (30 min duration)
Host: Robin Sumner, Managing director Romax Marketing & Distribution.

Romax Marketing & Distribution provides a wide range of services in Membership Communication Services.  We work with membership organisations such as DMKS, Southbank Centre, V&A and PlusNet.

February 12, 2018

Iceman Polar Challenge 2018 – Charity

————-  Challenge update at the end of the post (Pictures included) ————-


Robin Sumner, our Managing Director, will join the Ice Man Polar Challenge in April 2018. The Iceman Polar Challenge takes in 100km of Arctic terrain over 4 days after already having spent 4 days prior to the start acclimatising and honing our arctic survival skills. Robin will be dragging his own equipment using pulks – sledges – and will be self-sufficient as he camps and tramps over frozen land and sea.



Starting 50km from the most Northern and last inhabited place on earth. Robin will be encountering Polar Bears, Musk Ox, ice ravines and other cold and ice related dangers along the way where temperatures will drop well below freezing regularly dropping below -20°C.


Robin won’t be alone, Tim, another experienced (mad) sports person will join him.

“As part of a team with my good friend Tim, we are about to embark on a very chilly and extremely challenging event.”

This is not the first time that Robin has done a challenge, in the last years he completed a series of them:



The Iceman Polar Challenge is part of the 2018 Romax Marketing & Distribution Corporate Social Responsibility programme. All the money collected from the fundraising it will go to the Romax’s Charity of the year: Porchlight, a Kent based organisation that works with rough sleeping people to give them to have a safe place to call home.

Picture source: Porchlight


At Romax Marketing we are raising money for Porchlight via this challenge, if you would like to contribute, please follow the VirginMoney Giving link below. Thanks for your support!


DAY 1. Constable Point to Zemiteselv, via Postkassen Pass.

Image credits: Tangent Greenland Expeditions, Paul Walker.

Image credits: Tangent Greenland Expeditions, Paul Walker.

Image credits: Tangent Greenland Expeditions, Paul Walker.

DAY 2.  Ugle Elv to Kalkdal valley entrance, via Fame Islands

The lead team so far are Stuart Halford, Tom Waddell, Tim Ridge, Robin Sumner.

Image credits: Tangent Greenland Expeditions, Paul Walker.

Image credits: Tangent Greenland Expeditions, Paul Walker.

Image credits: Tangent Greenland Expeditions, Paul Walker.


Day 3: Kalkdal valley entrance to foot of Dragon Glacier, via Kalkdal valley.

Day 4: Dragon Glacier to head of Sødal valley, via Bjerring Pedersens Glacier.



Robin’s team won the 4-day competition. Well done boss and Tim!

You can contribute to Porchlight charity at the following link:

February 8, 2018

5 Successful Valentine’s Day Direct Mail Campaigns – Results included

Despite that people think Valentine’s Day is becoming too commercial, in the UK consumers spent £987 Million on gifts and cards in 2017, according to GlobalData retail.

Anish Dosani, Retail Analyst for GlobalData, remarks:“While we expect there to be an increase in consumer spending on Valentine’s Day this year, the more general lack of interest in the occasion means that retailers are going to have to work even harder to drive sales and win this spend.”

Think outside the box

To stand out from the crowd on Valentine’s Day, marketers must use innovative communications and explore new marketing channels. With the rebirth of Direct Mail and the significant neurologic impact mail has on the recipient, which beats email in multiple aspects incorporate a piece of physical mail in your campaign increase is a must.

If you think that Valentine’s Day is for retailers only, let us show you five successful direct mail campaigns in Charity, Telemarketing services, food and Postal services, which combine different direct marketing approach to increase brand awareness, donor’s registration and sales.

1. The Organ Donor Foundation.  21.3% increase registrations. Postcard.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness for the foundation through a cost-effective registration drive.

Pictures by Gary Steele.

“Valentine’s Cards” were sent to music artist and celebrities, placed on display stands at leading newsagents and flowers shops.

Pictures by Gary Steele.

Campaign Result

The Organ Donor Foundation receive a massive 21.3% increase in registrations, in two days with a cost of less than £450. The campaign was created by Gary Steele and received multiple awards, such as 1 Media Lion at Cannes Advertising Festival and 1 Silver at Sunday Times Awards.

2. PostNL. A kiss for a stamp. 100% increase in paid Valentines mail. Postcard.

PostNL, the Dutch postal company, wanted people to reconnect with real mail, to activate people to send more postcards.

The day before Valentine’s Day all Dutch people could send their Valentine cards with a kiss instead of a stamp! The campaign was promoted four days before Valentine’s Day by one PR and a few tweets and a video explainer.

Campaign Result

The campaign caused an online tsunami with a huge response:

– Almost four times as much Valentines mail was sent
– An increase of 100% in paid Valentines mail (with stamp)
– The brand values of PostNL showed the highest increase ever.

3. CATSA. A false valentine’s day. 27% appointments. Direct Mail.

CATSA, a telemarketing services company that generates interviews for its sales force. So, during February, they sent a natural rose in a box with a card explaining the fact that on Valentine’s Day Graham Bell made his invention official: the telephone. To generate surprise, no one received it on Valentine’s Day.

Image source: Coloribus.

Campaign Result

The result was impressive for a very competitive sector. 56% remembered the campaign and 27% arranged appointments.

4. Hellmann’s: 1,0561 unique store visit (56% engagement.) Cross Media.

Source: Coloribus

Hellmann’s is an iconic brand, but mayo is not a top of mind category.  Hellmann’s needed to attract a new younger base. They want it to remind them why Hellmann’s has been and always will be No.1.  The creative agency in charge of the campaign also knew women were in desperate search of a clever, relevant way to show their affection on Valentine’s Day.

The solution was to position the sandwich made with real, authentic Hellmann’s as an object of desire that is the sure way to your man’s heart.  The company created a sandwich delivery service, 1800sandwich and launched it for Valentine’s Day. Hellmann’s used street teams, direct postcards, and posters to drive consumers to the 1800sandwich website. Users could then choose between 3 signature mouthwatering Hellmann’s sandwiches to be delivered to unsuspecting men for lunch on Valentine’s Day.

Campaign Result

With a small budget and only flyers and posters, they reached approximately 1,800 people. Effectiveness exceeded expectations, they engaged 59%of the audience with 1,061 unique visits.

Furthermore, the campaign had an amplified exposure due to the unsuspecting male receiver, it caused a spectacle in every office. The prediction of the amplified the exposure of every sandwich by at least 5 people. Sandwiches sold out within 6 hours of the site going live.

5.  Ford Spain. Leaflet – Door Drops

The night before St Valentine’s day, we left 12,000 breakup letters on cars that were 10 years old or more. In these letters, we encouraged owner-drivers to break off their stale and decaying relationships with their old cars and to fall in love with a Ford.


By means of social media and telephone response and other digital media, we reached 40,000 people and made them aware of this action.

Blog post written by Nilda Cerna, Marketing Manager.

Sources: Verdict, Statista, lbbonline, Coloribus.


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