June 20, 2016

Survival of the Fittest

One in a Hundred – Survival of the fittest

Survival of the fittest is a well-known evolutionary statement that helps explain Natural Selection.

The differential survival and reproduction of an individual’s make-up (phenotype).  Its ability to adapt to its environment based on its observable characteristics or traits, such as its morphology, development behavior, and products of behaviour.


At the end of June 2016, Romax will celebrate 19 years of trading having formed in 1997. In business terms this is something to celebrate. On average around 100,000 businesses are formed each year. 90% of those fail in their first year, leaving 10,000 trading businesses to reach a 2nd year of trading.

Sadly a further 90% of those 10,000 also fail over the next 10 years, leaving just 1% (1000) of the original cohort remaining in operation. However this makes Romax – a successful ‘One in a Hundred’ business.

Any business, whatever their offer will understand this is an achievement in itself. The communication industry of which print and direct mail form a large part, and the increased presence of online marketing and social media has seen many less visionary businesses fall by the wayside.

So why are we still here, stronger then ever….

Well, returning to the Darwinian analogy, Romax has demonstrated that in an ever changing business environment and economy, being able to adapt, quickly, remain competitive and continue to be better than the competition has ensured our ongoing success. Much the same as in the natural world without the internet!

Service and Client Focus

Key amongst our recognised winning traits is our Service and Client Focus. We expect to help our clients and guide them through a process, which may not be their natural habitat! Even when our clients are more ‘environmentally aware’ we believe they should experience an effortless process and an equally productive outcome.

Industry Leaders

Leading the pack by demonstrating technological investment. Showcasing to our clients ways by which they may benefit from advancements in marketing. It is for us to present to clients, not for clients to come to us asking. Digital technologies and advancements in data processing, when combined with a cross media approach to marketing, results in a holistic approach to marketing that is focussed on the needs of our clients’ clients. How they wish to receive communication from businesses in order to create a better experience.


None of this comes without investment. Technology, equipment and process are all critical of course, but the paramount area of investment is always made in our employees. Recognition of their contributions and empowering them to truly help our clients, forward their own careers and in turn develop our organisation as a whole is critical to supply a service that clients enjoy.

In our opinion, Print and Direct Mail are two of the best-known forms of marketing but just like anything, it works well with a little help from its ‘friends’ – web, e-mail, mobile and social media. Romax have invested heavily in all of these services, to ensure we can offer our clients a fully personalised cross media solution.

Along with our most recent investment of Publicus, our ePublishing product that links your magazine print products to your online presence directly from your print read artwork. Romax can now offer a whole range of Direct Marketing solutions; email marketing, mobile and SMS marketing and not to forget, the most successful of mediums – direct mail.

Industry Engagement.

We may well compete with other suppliers in our industry, and to remain the fittest in that environment we must continually be tested and challenged, so this is no bad thing. However, it is just as important to engage with businesses in a collaborative way to ensure that as an industry we can compete and provide the services that clients demand.

Being a member of the BPIF (British Print Industries Federation), Romax regularly meet with old and new acquaintances to discuss the current trends and to look at future development and solutions. This helps us keep our finger on the pulse, to continue to promote new ideas to our clients, develop long term relationships and ultimately become one clients’ ‘go to’ for industry advise.

Seeking out the Best Postal Options for Clients

Postage costs can be off-putting for organisations wishing to benefit from direct mail and often look at standalone digital online solutions. However, with the various postage services now available such as Mailmark which has effectively brought down the real cost of postage in recent years, direct mail is increasingly a key part of any successful marketing campaign. Postage can still be such a minefield with all the different formats, services, sortation levels etc. but because of the postal knowledge the Romax team have on this subject, we help simplify this for our clients and always endeavour to offer the very best postage solution.

Survival of the fittest

Marketing and technology continues to evolve every day, so to ensure that we survive and thrive as a business, we must continue to demonstrate excellence to our clients, ensure that their needs are met and then exceeded at all times. Here’s to the next 20 years!


romax_logo_tag_blueRomax Marketing & Distribution, a Greenwich-London based company, provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2CDirect Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage and Membership Communication Services and Consultancy. Contact us: hello@romax.co.uk +44 (0) 20 8293 8550

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June 6, 2016

Mailmark Savings – Users Avoid Postage Price Increase

Mailmark Savings Continue to Provide the Lowest Price for Volume Mail.

Customers opting to continue using CBC barcode services for posting Business Mail and Advertising Mail, sorted and unsorted letters will experience a price increase of circa 1.5% from 4th July 2016.

To avoid the price increase, (if you have not already made the switch) we recommend you move to one of the Mailmark postage products that are available. Mailmark will be circa 4% cheaper than CBC barcode services from July 4th 2016 as the CBC Product costs increase. (Mailmark costs will remain the same).

Mailmark is Royal Mail’s 2D barcode technology. It includes the following benefits at no extra cost to you:

  • Where mail is and when it’s going out for delivery
  • Accurate predictions of mail landing allow flexing of resource in your contact and marketing teams
  • Online, custom reporting so that you can see the status of your mail and the quality of your data
Mailmark Barcodes

How Mailmark Savings work

As your mail is produced, a Mailmark is added. Your mailing details are then added to an e-manifest (an electronic list of your consignments). That gets sent to Royal Mail. As your mail rolls through the postal system, the barcodes are scanned and recorded, generating a personal report which you can check online to see exactly what’s happening with your mail.

More information about Mailmark Savings is available at royalmail.com/Mailmark.


What Next for the Postal Industry?

Early adopters of this service have seen the continued improvement of the service and a reduction in issues (although relatively minor) relating to reporting which were to be expected from any new product. Royal Mail’s move towards increasing non-Mailmark postings demonstrates their, and that of the postal industry at large, intention to drive users towards a more efficient sortation based on more machine sortable work.

It is understood that mail – particularly mail that cannot be machine sorted – will attract increased costs in comparison to the Mailmark service as Royal Mail is forced to improve efficiencies. Charges based on the ‘work required’ to deliver a particular mail format type will evolve, rather than (what has been perceived over the years) a cross subsidy by volume machine sortable mail to cover the additional costs of hand sorting bulky and non-machine sortable mail.


romax_logo_tag_blueRomax Marketing & Distribution, a Greenwich-London based company, provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2CDirect Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage and Membership Communication Services and Consultancy. Contact us: hello@romax.co.uk +44 (0) 20 8293 8550

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