September 28, 2015

Rugby World Cup Teamwork Lessons

Rugby World Cup Teamwork Lessons


Rugby is widely accepted as one of the best sports to showcase teamwork.

Here is why:

Made up of two sub-teams who constantly interact but operate differently (8 forwards and 7 backs)

  • Each sub-team has to interact well to perform at the highest level
  • Each team member must have different skill sets for the team to succeed
  • Skills in each individual must be high
  • Strong leadership needs to exist in key areas in key areas on the pitch for optimal performance
  • Off-field support needs to be of the highest standard
  • Preparation is essential
  • Communication is key

Now when we look at these key areas you can understand how it can be translated into business.

Let’s look at some examples:


  • Prop Forward – Physical Attributes: Large heavy and bulky frame, broad shoulders, not too tall.
  • Personality Attributes: Dogged, determined, prefers background to the limelight, never say die attitude.
  • Stand Off/Fly Half – Physical Attributes: Athletic frame, quick feet and hands, flexibility
  • Personality Attributes: Sees big picture, vision, awareness, creative problem solver

These are taken from just two of the 8 primary positions on the field. The ‘forward’ and ‘back’ number breakdown also has 8 as a theme – 8 forwards and 7 backs. Excellent teamwork becomes more difficult once this ‘magic’ number is exceeded and we develop a ‘herd’ mentality where we lose interaction and debate and become followers.

As with any team, success or failure is made up of individuals that excel in their positions. Unless we have people who are ‘experts’ in their field, success is less likely. Of course, we can have a team who’s teamwork is exceptional, but the deficiencies in their basic skills won’t make up the difference.


Again, this is also true in the workplace. When a company recruits new staff, they will usually look for ‘relevant’ experience. This is to ensure a person doesn’t have to spend months learning what to do. Of course, there is always a learning curve when you join a new team or organisation, from differences in culture and vision to different tactics required. However, the basics are already in place.

Given that the Rugby World Cup 2015 is well underway we should take a step back and see how we can incorporate the team ethic displayed in rugby to our businesses.


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September 25, 2015

Recruiting? – how to get the best candidates!


Are you Recruiting? – how to get the best candidates!

I come out in a cold sweat when faced with the prospect of recruitment within the Marketing Communications industry I work in.

Across all skillsets finding the right individual can be both time consuming and frustrating particularly when dealing with such a diverse workforce this sector represents. So what best practice can you use to help?

  • Use Social Media – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook all help and can be a free tool to get your requirements out there especially if you can get colleagues to share
  • Ensure your website has a careers page and crucially it is up to date!
  • Consider an apprenticeship or intern scheme so contact local colleges and schools
  • Colleague recommendations

Paying for job adverts on LinkedIn or Ozzle can produce results, however, they will come at a cost depending on the options you choose.

Alternatively, you can let specialised recruitment agencies do all the work for an even higher cost but make sure you negotiate hard and get refund terms if the appointment does not work out – typically a sliding scale over three months.

Enhancing your brand is an important tool to help attract new talent ensuring that you portray your business as an exciting and rewarding place to work.

All of the above are areas that can help get the right team members onboard however what many organisations are missing, are actual proper job definitions, with proper behavioural definitions and proper skill and competence (and competency) definitions. This results in the job advertisement being poorly worded and therefore the possibility of incorrectly matched applicants being interviewed.

Ensure your focus is on what type of personality you want working in your organisation, their skills, ambition and ultimately the objective of the vacancy in a business perspective.

Blog written by Wes Dowding, Director, Technology and Operations, Romax


September 22, 2015

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells – Put the Summer All Away Christmas is coming

‘Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…..’

Yep you did read this correctly!

I think we can honestly say, the British summer is most definitely over.

So pack away the shorts and sandals and bring out the coats and woolly jumpers. Say goodbye to bright mornings and evenings and say hello to waking up in the pitch dark. No more chilled Sauvignon Blanc but plenty of mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Bye-bye sun-kissed tanned skin and hello Casper the ghost.

BUT there is a light at the end of a very wet, cold and dark tunnel – CHRISTMAS!!

Cheesy songs, Christmas jumpers, mulled wine and food galore.

The next three months will be crazy with everyone marketing Christmas so get in their first and start planning now….


Christmas should be fun and full of bright colour!

Colour is so important and in my opinion is not used enough with Direct Mail campaigns. Many of us will simply go with the plain white envelopes with black text to keep the price down, however, this doesn’t need to be the case. With the investment Romax have made over the last twelve months, packs no longer need to be bland and colourless and we can help you add value at very little extra cost.

 Get your Christmas message across now

 Why not add a splash of colour to plain envelopes, we can manage this for you all in-house on our M1 inkjet printer?

How about a nice glossy laminate to a beautifully designed postcard, Christmas card or self-mailer?

Let us print a stunning personalised brochure on our Igen 150 to really impress your customers!

Please do take this opportunity to find out more….

Simply pick up the phone for a chat or drop us an email and myself or one of the team will be more than happy to discuss the options available to you.

So in short, at Romax, Christmas comes early – Ho ho ho!


Blog Written by Charlene Plows, Head of Client Services,

September 7, 2015

Mo Farah – Should be worried as competition heats up for this weekend’s Great North Run

 From ‘No Run’ to ‘Mo Run’ in a year…. By Malcolm Saunders

My story of my start to running, to entering a half marathon in which Mo Farah is competing:

Malcolm Saunders I have participated in many sports over the years, including football, horse-riding, trampolining, gymnastics, kickboxing, Thai-boxing…..but I had always envied those who could just chuck their trainers on and go out running for hours. I had tried many times over the years to persevere on getting further than the end of my road before wanting to cough, splutter and walk back home, but I had never got past running 5 kilometres…..even taking a breather halfway through!

But what hurt the most was all of my friends on the Nike Running App were kicking my backside! All doing 8/10/15ks a lot more regularly than my weekly 5k struggle!

So one evening in September 2014, after mentally geeing myself up all day, I set out determined to keep on running through the pain barrier, not stopping halfway through a 5k run. I had half planned a route and was going to see how far I could push myself. I set out and ran….and ran….and ran…..8 kilometres!!!!!! I was over the moon!!!! I hit my usual barrier but persevered and didn’t stop and actually started feeling OK?!

Which tells me that maybe I should have kept pushing all those years before, because now I know that the pain barrier was just my body warming up, going from cold to hot within 10 minutes, then levelling out.

Of course, 8k is close to 10k (my competitive brain yelled to itself!!!) So after another comfortable 8k I attempted to run 10k……and did it!!! I was elated, I actually thought I was Mo Farah?!?!

So with 10k under my belt, I began to push myself for faster times, my first was just over the hour, but those times slowly dropped, 59mins…..58mins…..and almost a year later my fastest 10k is down to 50mins 30seconds. Which after a bit of research I have found isn’t a too shabby time for a 44-year-old.


Around this time a good friend asked me if I would like to join him in running The Great North Run in Newcastle – a half Marathon – around 21 kilometres in September 2015. I said yes half hoping it was all talk on his behalf! But he had genuine reasons for wanting to run this event, 3 years ago his Son was extremely ill and had to spend 4 months in intensive care after having a tracheostomy fitted. The care was provided by The Sick Children’s Trust who gave them quality accommodation (a family room) in Eckersley House next to Leeds General. By staying next to the hospital they could give their Son the best support possible, and learn how to care for him properly once they took him home. Therefore we are both running to raise money for The Sick Children’s Trust.

Mo SaundersThe training was hard, to begin with, but it becomes very addictive, because not only are you trying to beat your friends monthly/weekly runs, you are constantly trying to beat your own personal records, both distances and times. After 10k was 13k, then 14k……then and occasional 16k. I now often run home from Romax in Greenwich to Belvedere……it’s quite a buzz! But a good friend who runs once told me not to actually do the Half Marathon distance until race day, which I haven’t, just an 18.5k run last week, which I was quite comfortable with.

So, as the title says, ‘No Run’ to ‘Mo Run’, Mo Farah is in fact running this race too Sunday 13th September, albeit he will be running a time around half of what I am capable of, I am actually competing in the same race as him, and it’s an achievement I am quite proud of.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope I have inspired someone to get out there and run, it’s ironically quite relaxing and a great way to get away from it all. And if you wanted to sponsor me, please follow the link below, thanks again. HERE



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September 4, 2015

Let’s get naked! A naked mailer that is

Cost saving versus Return on Investment (ROI)

Naked mailers reduce cost on the fulfilment by removing outer packaging, or the need for any other form of the internal carrier sheet, letter or similar, as the address is printed (using inkjet technology) directly to the outer cover of the catalogue.

Cold data potential clients are ideal recipients for naked mailers

As an entry-level introduction to potential clients receiving your offer for the first time, a naked mailer ticks plenty of boxes. Inevitably the data you obtain will be of a certain profile with a likelihood of those recipients purchasing your product. As a percentage, however, the overall ‘new client spend’ from this cold list is likely to be lower on an average cost per order basis, than an established client; the percentage of orders received for new data will also be in the low percentages. Therefore you need to ensure that your investment per new client is affordable. Often a ‘slimed down’ version of a larger catalogue is a good approach for acquisition data as this showcases your brand and scope of offering, whilst reducing your print costs.

All wrapped up for Christmas

If you have extra messages that you want to get across or loose inserts that need to be included, then sealing them in alongside a marketing message is the best way to do it. A warmer more inviting way to seal the relationship with the recipient. There are also higher postage savings to be made (if using envelopes not polywrap) so bear this in mind as well, See Mailmark Link

Getting personal

If you’re going to bare it all with a naked mailer, then getting personal is very difficult to actually achieve. Although this is one of the cheapest ways of fulfilling a catalogue, it actually reduces the opportunity to open up a conversation or communicate offers pertinent to the recipient. You can vary the offer to a group of recipients by changing the cover of a brochure but this, although providing some targeting is still a generic approach and not using either your client’s data, spending patterns and preferences, or indeed making use of the data-driven print technology that provides marketing professionals genuine opportunity for 1-2-1 marketing.

High-End clients ‘deserve’ or even warrant a little more attention to detail. Business to Consumer Marketing (B2C) is the perfect area for this highly targeted approach to client communication. Business to Business (B2B) Marketing, generally does not allow for this as client numbers are small enough to receive account manager attention or fit within certain sectors that can receive a communication such as this that is relevant only to the Retail Marketing Sector.

Very High-End retailers producing a catalogue or more appropriately termed ‘Mag-alogue’ – an Information newsletter with retail ‘catalogue content ’ or brochure that are a ‘coffee table’ item, would not benefit from a naked mailer as this would ‘cheapen’ the look and brand for the recipient.

In summary

One thing that is clear, is that there is no simple equation to solve your marketing conundrum. You do need to know your audience, understand your data first, then engage with your marketing communications suppliers, to discuss options on print variations, compared with fulfilment costs, understand the implications of postage costs for each approach and the likely returns you will receive. Testing is key before investing large amounts of your marketing budget into a ‘great idea’ it is vital to invest some of it into testing the idea first!

 Marketing & Distribution, a Greenwich-London based company, provides a wide range of services in Direct Marketing for B2B and B2CDirect Mail, Data Management, Printing, Discount Postage and Membership Communication Services and Consultancy. Contact us:, +44 (0) 20 8293 8550.