July 30, 2015

Rugby World Cup 2015 – Marketing to a Mass Market

Rugby World Cup 2015 – Marketing to a Mass Market

Rugby World Cup 2015

With the Rugby world cup just over 2 months away with England playing Fiji in the opening game at Twickenham on 18th September, you may be considering  a marketing campaign associated with the event or trying to reach more affluent followers of Rugby. If so time is running out to ensure that campaign, data and specification is booked ready to go out during the peak times surrounding the start of the tournament, around key England (or home nations) games or the world cup final or any after tournament glow. Should England progress through the tournament, which is likely (we hope) as host nation, then expect a fervour of good will to surround the tournament.

Aligning your brand and communications around this event can help keep your business front of mind. Alignment to sporting events is very relevant for some business sector such as sportswear, men’s wear and retailers however regardless of your business size or sector, a positive brand alignment can help, provided it is relevant of course.

Using direct mail  as part of a wider promotional campaign can help brands personalise experiences. For example, some of the leading retailers are producing print only vouchers that can be redeemed in store or online. This gives retailers a directly attributable way of measuring their return on investment from campaigns that use print as well as online marketing, an ever increasing trend particularly in the retail sector.

While social media and the web will be going ballistic with World Cup related messages, without a clear plan, your marketing messages are likely to be lost in the noise. Direct mail, particular as part of a cross media or OMNI channel communication plan, has plenty of unique benefits primarily by putting a message directly into the hands of consumers – something that a web only approach can’t compete with.

If you want to ensure that you make the most of your marketing around the Rugby world cup in England this year. You simply cannot afford to wait.

To browse the home nations Rugby sites as the excitement builds, click on the relevant flag below:

ST Georges flag Ireland Scotland wales

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July 23, 2015

My ILM Degree Journey….. by Charlene Plows, Head of Client Services, Romax

BPIF ILM Level 5 Degree Certificate in Leadership and Management

My Journey….. by Charlene Plows, Head of Client Services, Romax

Charlene Plows ILM Graduation 2015

Well what can I say, I started this course two years ago and honestly thought about dropping out on at least a million occasions! No seriously, it was hard balancing work and home life ( not to mention my very busy, hectic and trendy social life –  if only!) BUT would I recommend it? ….Without a doubt!

When I started this course, I was starting out in management and thought there was little improvement I needed as of course, I knew my job – who could possibly do it better, just ask my staff!! WELL, little did I know, that after only my first assignment, I realised I was an impatient manager who micro-managed her staff and expected all my team to all be mini-me’s!!

The ILM Degree Level 5  course…..

The qualification includes BPIF Graduation and the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 5 Diplomas in Management (NVQ) and Principles of Leadership & Management (VRQ).

Throughout this course, you learn about yourself as a manager but more importantly as a person.

The BPIF held several workshops throughout the course. I personally, thought I had the attention span of a goldfish and used to struggle with any meetings over one hour long!!! But hand on my heart, I kept awake for all the workshops – they were informative, lively, interactive and most importantly relevant!

There are five mandatory assignments based on Finance, Critical Thinking, Leading Innovation, Managing Improvement and Managerial Performance; along with these you are also required to pick a couple of optional assignments – these all work towards your diploma.

You are then required to complete functional skills ICT, Maths and English.

Finally the NVQ. There are a number of units including developing operational plans, planning change, providing leadership and working productively. To reach the required standards you need to provide evidence from the workplace which can include: observations, professional discussions, questioning, interviews, witness testimonies and physical products.

Has the course enhanced my work ability…..In short – MASSIVELY!!

As there has been so many improvements, I have simply bullet pointed a few below for you:-

  • Improved managerial accountability
  • Improvement in formal procedures
  • Better understanding of cash flow and how revenue costs are classified
  • Improved presentation skills
  • Understanding different learning styles of employees
  • To include the team more and to slow down

So where am I now…..

I am successfully managing the Client Services team at Romax Marketing & Distribution.

We are hitting targets, the atmosphere is buzzing and have just celebrated a very successful ‘year 18’!!

I truly believe the clear improvement in my management skills, is very much down this course and the journey I have taken.

Through the support of my partner, family, Romax and the BPIF, I successfully graduated on the 2nd July and this was one my greatest achievements and proudest moment of my life.

Please take my advice and sign up – you won’t regret it!

To contact Charlene email: cplows@romax.co.uk


July 21, 2015

Royal Mail Printed Stamp Trial

Royal Mail Printed Stamp Trial gives our clients a great Marketing Opportunity to improve Response

In partnership with Royal Mail Wholesale and our Downstream Access partners, Romax are inviting our customers to take part in the trial of a new digital stamp indicia. (Stamp).

On-going testing is an important route to improving mail response and effectiveness.  With this in mind, Royal Mail Wholesale is providing the opportunity for customers to use the digital stamp option to measure the effect on recipient behaviour and campaign return on investment with no additional costs for postage relating to either affixing a physical stamp or cancelling the stamp. Effectively the same postage costs as the current Mailmark offering for advertising mail.

You will have the choice of using one of two digital or pre-printed stamps as shown below.

Digital Indicia Trial 2015

All mailings must be handed over for delivery between September 1st and November 30th, 2015.

Royal Mail and Romax are hoping that customers will share their campaign results in order to feedback and assess the success of the trial with a view to permanently introducing the printed stamp indicia option in the future.

Assistance and contacts

If you would like to take part in the trial please contact your account manager at Romax – Direct Mail Supplier, email hello@romax.co.uk or call us to discuss on +44 (0) 20 8293 8550

Some of the companies who work with Romax Marketing



July 9, 2015

Big Data – the opportunities and pitfalls

We all understand we live in the age of “data” – right?


Watches being replaced by activity trackers beaming our latest step count failure via bluetooth to E-commerce sites recording our every move and then bombarding us with the same items on every web page we visit.

A recent study concluded that 90% of data has been created in the past two years. Social sharing via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others of text, pictures, videos, status and location generate huge quantities of what is termed “Big Data”. But what is Big Data and why, if your job involves marketing, do you need to understand it?


Throughout various sectors organisations are adopting big data analytics ensuring when they communicate with customers or prospective customers, they do so from a position of knowledge. When customers visit your website you should know, with the technology available, what product or service they viewed, reviews, promotion influence, page layout and crucially if they wanted a follow-up communication. All of this information becomes “big data” within your organisation. Don’t forget your salespeople can be just as valuable at data collecting as your website using data collecting techniques such as newsletter sign-ups and questionnaires.

This now enables organisations, big and small, to highly personalise their offers and communications whether via offline or online media channels. The eventual result will be to move a person from a customer to a brand evangelist.

However, in this brave new world, lurks danger to the unwary. Data specialists are hard to recruit and using a specialist provider, such as Romax, is often the best way to avoid the pitfalls of data security and compliance. A Mckinsey report states that demand will outstrip supply of data specialists by 60% by 2018.

Organisations which collect data often fail to organise their databases or allow for a connected internal framework which allows input from various data collecting channels into a single customer view (SCV). Many companies have now realised this and are investing in the skillsets, framework and producing clear objectives so as to take advantage of the usefulness of “Big Data”.


To conclude, companies be it a startup or expert in business need to keep in mind that this technology is only for those that can handle it. Prudence should prevail at all times but the rewards can make a massive difference to your organisation’s success.

Wes Dowding
Operations & Technology Director

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July 3, 2015

Famous Five – Success Blooms with 5 BPIF ILM Level 5 Degree Graduation

Famous Five – Success Blooms with 5 BPIF ILM Level 5 Degree Graduation


Congratulations must go out to our Famous 5 of internal candidates who yesterday graduated on their BPIF ILM Level 5 Degree courses.

After a further 2 years following on from their level 3 study courses to attain higher degree status, the graduates were extremely pleased to receive their awards.

Romax sponsored the candidates through the process on the BPIF funded scheme allowing time away from work to study, attend course dates and meet with tutors. The successful graduates, Indre Lukaite, Charlene Plows, Firuz Emin, Simon Pierce and Phil Smith, worked extremely hard committing to the learning programme devoting personal time, evenings and weekends to achieve their well earned success.

All of their colleagues at Romax would like to offer very sincere and heart felt congratulations for their achievements.

The day was a culmination of 180 learner’s hard work across 2 years. Held at One Great George Street in London, fully gowned learners, their proud employers and guests, plus key supporters within the printing industry came together to celebrate learner’s achievement. Following the Graduation, the 7th Annual General Meeting of the British Printing Industries Federation was held for members. The meeting was opened by Gerald White, President of the BPIF, who gave an overview of how print has fared over the past 12 months and how the BPIF has continued to play an important role in supporting the industry. Chief Executive, Charles Jarrold, then reviewed the BPIF’s performance over the year, and spoke about the activities that are being undertaken to support members in the future.

BPIF Graduates