October 29, 2014

Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi Channel Marketing


Romax brings multi-channel marketing in house

In addition to offering data services and printed direct mail marketing, Romax will now be able to provide seamless integrated SMS and email campaigns thanks to a new content management system from Italian developer MagNews.

Instead of sub-contracting out the email and SMS parts of multi-channel campaigns to other companies, Romax can now provide an entire multi-channel campaign using a single system. This makes it easier to achieve synergy between the different components of the campaign.

Romax’s managing director, Robin Sumner, said, “It enhances our cross-platform communications, as clients want to do e-shots as well as DM and have one point of contact for both to track them and keep a good reporting structure in place. One data source one manager of the campaign.”

“We’re great advocates of printed DM, but we know that when combined with electronic direct mail then its impact is greater than the sum of parts.”

Commenting on the investment, Managing Director, Robin Sumner said, “the fact that we are investing  both in our employees and improved technology further boosts the morale of all stakeholders, as they feel part of forward looking and developing company investing in the future. More automated systems also make working practices easier and ensure we create high-quality jobs, faster.”

Romax has not increased the number of people it employs in order to supply the additional services. Instead, it will rely on upskilling existing staff and relying on the already strong skill base that exists within the company.

October 1, 2014

‘It’s a Perfecta Horizon’ – as Romax looks forward following kit investment

New equipment gives Romax the cutting edge

As a leading direct marketing services company Romax has invested in new equipment and software to ensure that we continue to meet our clients’ needs by offering them even greater options than before.

We have installed new cutting and folding equipment at our Greenwich base, near London, as well as buying and implementing new marketing software. Romax’s capex investment amounts to some £350,000 for this year, as the company looks to the future and sends out a positive message to both customers and its own staff.

A Perfecta guillotine was installed in August, while a Horizon automated cross-folder is due to replace the existing kit, in early October. The new hardware – from Intelligent Finishing Systems – follows the installation of a state of the art Xerox iGen digital printing press earlier in the year.

Meanwhile, the all-new content management software system, that was also installed this summer enhances Romax’s multi-channel marketing capability, including SMS and email marketing, which can now be kept in-house, adding to overall efficiency.

Managing director Robin Sumner said the system went live two weeks ago and that so far they are delighted with results. The fact that clients had a single point of contact for e-shots and direct mail, was an added benefit, he said.

“It allows us to have an effective reporting structure in place – something clients find really helpful. We’ve seen that more and more clients are keen to keep their data in one place as far as marketing is concerned. With the new system, it’s one data set for both direct mail and email and they like the idea of having one supplier to manage both methods of distribution.”

Robin said that we are confident that by using printed direct mail, combined with electronic direct mail, the overall impact would be much greater – something else that clients would benefit from.

The decision to bring this aspect of the business in-house would help to pay for the sizeable investment the company has made, but it has also had a positive effect on the company’s IT department, providing them with the opportunity to train some additional members of existing staff rather than having to recruit new employees.

The new guillotine helps to increase efficiency further, seeing cutting productivity increase by 30%, and the new folder – with 17 fold settings and 200 job memory – will provide customers with many more options. The investment in more automated systems has made working conditions better for staff, as well as helped to create high-quality jobs at our plant in Greenwich.

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