April 28, 2011


On Friday evening, the Directors and Partners attended the annual Demelza Business Awards ceremony in Maidstone.

This occasion is as much a celebration of the excellent work that Demelza continues to do as well as a reminder as to why we continue to support them.

I am extremely pleased to say that Romax received recognition from Demelza by receiving the reward for the most ‘Outstanding SME Supporter’ (SME is short for Small to Medium-sized Enterprise).

This year we will continue to support Demelza through our volunteering CSR Days, Romax Rewards Donations, 3 Peaks Challenge and other events throughout the year.

Well done to you all and Thank you for your continued support.

For all your mail requirements, please call Romax on 0845 644 1892.

April 21, 2011

Launch of ‘Advertising Mail’

The Royal Mail have launched ‘Advertising Mail’ – a mailing option that allows direct mail to be distributed at a lower price than the equivalent Mailsort services. Direct mail remains a powerful medium, offering targeted marketing and enabling great cut-through in a changing media landscape.

The Advertising Mail service is currently available for Letter and Large Letter format advertising items only. Mailings must comprise 100% of advertising items, which is defined as a ‘mailing comprising largely uniform message to all addressees, with the purpose of promoting the sale or use of products or services, or to encourage contribution to, or support of, a cause’. The items must also meet a standard Mailsort (eg. 70, 120 or 1400) specification as well as associated presentational requirements.

There are a series of other specifications and requirements that need to be met to take advantage of Advertising Mail – Romax understands all these procedures in depth and can help organisations who want to carry out a direct mail campaign, to benefit from the new service. Call us on 0845 644 1892 and we will guide you through the process.


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